Ryan's Mystical, Magical Wish List
(Capitalism runs amok)
$5-$50 Music, Music, & More Music!!!
$28.85 M Roadster vent rings
$16.00 MX5 Journal
$35.00 Italian Dual Air Horns
$49.95 Thermal exhaust tips
$49.00 Wicked Loud Horns
$19.95 Chrome Warning / Pop-Up Switch Plate
$79.95 Chrome Washer Jets
$39.95 Chrome Power Window Switch Plate
$69.95 Chrome Vent Rings
$2595.00 Jackson Racing Supercharger (1.8L) 
$350.00 High Performance Clutch Kit
$100.00 DuraVent car cover
$35.00 Italian Dual Air Horns
$139.95 Stainless Steel Brake Hose Set
$175.00 Classic Fuel Lid
$??? Socks --and lots of them. EXACTLY ALIKE (I waste several hours a month sorting the stupid things). White, ankle height or Black dress socks.